Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Advertising in the 1980's

The 1980’s were not any different for Coca-Cola. It still maintained its positive and family friendly brand image. In this first commercial, Coke shows many different images, still maintaining the diversity in demographics that it showed throughout the 1970’s. These different images show musicians, couples, students, athletes, and workers. The fact that Coke illustrates such diverse groups of people demonstrates their attempt at appealing to a wide audience. In this commercial, Coca-Cola also uses humor. For example, when the girl hits what seems to be her boyfriend, the background music is saying, “its just how you feel when you know its for real.”

This next advertisement appeals to a younger crowd. Still, Coke portrays to the audience that it is a "fun" drink. The commercial also implies that the drink will give you confidence when the girl gets out on the dance floor and starts to dance. Again, in this commercial, everyone at the dance seems to be having a fun time. Coca-Cola loves to portray the drink in an enjoyable setting so that people will think of the brand in a positive manner.

Again, in the advertisement below, Coca-Cola is trying to appeal to more people by putting African Americans in their ad. This promotes diversity and shows that they support change, which is the way that America was moving at this time in history. Just like the other advertisements for Coca-Cola, the happy people featured in this advertisement creates a light-hearted feel for the brand, which goes along with the themes that Coke has demonstrated in the past.


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