Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Endorsers of Coke

Why would a company use celebrity endorsements? Maybe they want to associate themselves with a certain personality or image.  It could also be to make their company more respected or prove their legitimacy. Over the years Coca-Cola has used many celebrity endorsers to serve, in a way, as the “face” of the company. When an audience sees a celebrity endorsing a product, they begin to associate that celebrity with the product. Coca-Cola has been able to have a wide range of celebrity endorsements over the years. Thus, they have appealed to a wide range of consumers.
            Some of the big name celebrities who have continued the positive brand image that we associate with Coca-Cola are Bill Cosby, Michelle Kwan, and Jennifer Lopez. Michelle Kwan and Jennifer Lopez are great endorsements because they both have avoided scandal and have kept an association with their occupation; Kwan with being an Olympic ice skater, and Lopez being a singer and actress. When we think of Bill Cosby, we think of a friendly family man. This is just the image that Coca-Cola has traditionally tried to associate with their products. In the commercial below, Bill Cosby tells all of the reasons why he likes Coke. He ads humor to the commercial by using words such as “delicioso” as well as his enthusiastic tone.

            Although most of the celebrities that Coca-Cola chooses to endorse their products maintain the brand image that the company is looking for, there are some celebrities who might have hurt the Coca-Cola image due to controversies over their actions. Among these celebrities are Paula Abdul, Kobe Bryant, and Roger Clemens. Paula Abdul was said to have coached and had a sexual relationship with Corey Clark, a contestant on American Idol, a show that she was a judge on. Then there was the famous Kobe Bryant sexual assault scandal. The Lakers basketball star was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year old hotel employee back in 2003. Lastly, everyone remembers when Roger Clemens was accused of using steroids throughout his career as a star baseball pitcher in the major leagues. Although Coca-Cola made a few mistakes in choosing celebrities to endorse their product, it did not seem to affect the company too much. The brand still has a positive image associated with it, and Coke remains universally popular to this day.

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