Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Then vs. Now

One method Coca-Cola used to appeal to a wide audience was remaking a commercial from the 1980’s. Watch the original version of the commercial from 1980 featuring Joe Green:

Now watch the newer twist on the commercial for Coke Zero, which aired in 2009:

Those who have been loyal Coke drinkers over the decades might recognize the Coke Zero commercial as a spin off of the 1980’s advertisement featuring Joe Green. These customers who have been brand loyal to Coke for so many years might find humor in the new commercial. It also demonstrates Coke's since this commercial is being brought back from almost thirty years earlier.  In addition, those who have never seen the 1980’s version of this ad would probably think the commercial was funny because you do not have to know the background on the ad to get the humor. I think it is very interesting that Coke chose to remake this commercial. People like things that they can relate to, and remembering an ad from the past brings back the ideas of tradition loyalty that Coca-Cola likes to emphasize through their advertising.  

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