Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strategy Through Sponsorships

One of the reasons Coca-Cola has been so successful is due to the excessive amount of sponsorships, advertisements, and other techniques they have used to get their brand name out to the public. It seems as though everywhere we look we see the Coca-Cola logo. Ever since Coke was brought to the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, it has skyrocketed in the number of events it has sponsored. It sponsors sporting events, concerts, televised programs, and many more events.
            When Coke sponsors a sporting event, usually only products made by Coca-Cola are sold at the event. This promotes the brand because the more people you see drinking a certain drink, the more you want to try or purchase that drink for yourself. This is a subtle, but effective way for Coca-Cola to publicize their brand. Whenever you see a person drinking a drink, you don’t specifically think about the brand, but you do become curious as to why that person chose that drink. As a result, you tend to want to try it yourself. On the other hand, if you see someone drinking a beverage that you really like, it reminds you about that drink and will lead to you wanting to buy one. This “quieter” method of advertising used by Coke has proven to be extremely effective.
            On the other hand, when Coca-Cola sponsors a televised program, they get to advertise their product and they become associated with that program. For example, when a show comes on, it will often say, “this show is brought to you by Coca-Cola”, and then a Coke ad will play. Coca-Cola chooses to sponsor shows that will continue to keep their positive brand image. For example, they sponsor A Charlie Brown Christmas. This is a popular seasonal episode that is aired around Christmas time. A lot of families watched this show together, so Coke is clearly trying to convey a family-oriented brand image. In addition, Christmas is associated with Santa Claus, and Coke was the original creator of the Santa that we picture today.
            In conclusion, Coca-Cola is very smart in planning their advertising placement. They also know the right events to sponsor in order to get the word out about their products to the most customers. The people behind the planning of these sponsorships and advertisement are really smart and know how to start widespread buzz about their products.

Below is an example of Coca-Cola promoting themselves during the Charlie Brown Christmas program:

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