Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comparing Various Coca-Cola Product's Advertisements

Coca-Cola sells over 3,500 different kinds of beverages. The company’s product list includes a variety of drinks from sodas, to water, to juices, to teas and coffee, and even energy drinks. I thought it would be interesting to view commercials for a few of these products and compare and contrast the techniques that each uses. It is interesting to see the similarities in the strategies that Coca-Cola uses to campaign for each product, even though they are very different kinds of drinks who might appeal to different target markets.



Minute Maid:



            In all of these commercials for the various Coca-Cola products, there are certain themes that seem to reoccur. When I was watching them, I noticed that all of the people featured in the commercials seem to have some kind of power. They all either started a movement involving a lot of people, or they have some kind of influence over the other people in the commercials. Coca-Cola is probably trying to get the idea across to their target audience that, by drinking their products, you will gain a sense of empowerment. In addition to having a kind of strength, they also seem to exercise a sense of freedom. They all seem to have no restraints on their actions. Lastly, the characters in the commercials are all having fun. Coca-Cola seems to want to demonstrate that, by drinking their products, you will have a good time. All of the people are smiling, laughing, and seem to be having a great time with friends and the ones they love.
            Although there are many similarities in themes between the commercials for the various Coca-Cola products, there are also differences. The commercials tend to have similarities to the drink they are advertising. For example, the Coke commercial shows soccer players from all over the world. I think this is because Coke is the most universally recognized drink that Coca-Cola sells. On the other hand, the Fanta commercial is filled with bright colors and peppy characters. The color scheme of the commercial goes with the vivacious colors of the drinks themselves, while the energetic music tries to give off a sense of the excitement you will feel if you drink a Fanta. Each brand of drink designs their commercials to fit the brand personality that they want to portray to the audience.

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